Which elevator is “right” for you?

Since 1957 Access has been answering this question for customers just like you from all over the New York metropolitan area. Every answer is unique — just like your home — addressing function, design and value.

It starts with the high-quality products from the country’s top manufacturers; followed by a cab design that best compliments your home’s structure, layout and interior. In the end, our customized solution will offer you the greatest value and highest quality possible within your defined budget.Our team of expert consultants pride themselves in assisting you and your construction team in developing the ideal elevator solution for your home. We will work seamlessly with your architect, builder, carpenters and electricians to ensure the installation goes smoothly and provides you with the superior craftsmanship, reliability and safety that has defined our company since 1957.

Cab Interiors

Unfinished Cab Interiors 01
Unfinished Cab Interiors
Would you prefer to have your carpenter finish your elevator interior on site? No problem, many of customers wish to have their elevator cab panels match their library walls or the kitchen cabinetry. In these situations, Access offers you a “blank slate” solution that will allow you customize your cab’s interiors as you see fit. We will provide you with unfinished paint-grade birch plywood and the rest is up to your and your carpenter’s imagination. You may want to take a look at our photo library using the links at the bottom of the page to get some ideas or inspiration for your future cab design.
Estate Cab Interior 01
Estate Cab Interiors
The Estate series offers you an extremely popular recessed four-panel system that is available in a full range of wood finishes, feels customized and yet is much more affordable than similar competitors upgraded cabs. The quality wood backing is a rigid ½” thick, in contrast to other cabs that use ¼” panel that has a noticeable “flex” to it. Choose one of our quality factory-finishes and we will finish and lacquer the cab for you at no additional cost. You can also choose any Minwax finish and we can apply that for you as well.
Estate Limited Cab Interiors
Upgrade your cab a bit further with this “perfect” classic. A full paneled ceiling in the same wood selection is added to the classic four-panel cab design. Thicker molding is applied to the cab with a kick plate opposite the opening. An arched piece invites you into your elevator. Choose from a full range of wood selections and finishes.
Custom Paneling
On a day-in and day-out basis, your cab’s interior will define your elevator experience. Access offers you a wide range of custom panel designs, veneers and finishes that will personalize your cab and make it a seamless extension to the interior design of your home. All designs are available with either recessed or raised panels and have a full range of wood types to choose from. If you don’t see what you want or have something else in mind, please let us know and we will research and develop a custom design that meets your specifications. At Access, we pride ourselves on the delivery of “first of its kind” elevators.
Benefits of Our Elevators

Performance, reliability, and customization are the cornerstones of Access Elevator’s premium elevator product line.  Some of the additional benefits of Access’ elevator line include:

  • Unlimited configuration and car size options
  • Up to six stops and up to 50 feet of vertical travel
  • A wide range of affordable cab upgrade options
  • An assortment of premium gates options
  • Cab heights up to 8’ tall
  • A whisper-quiet ride with soft start and stops
  • A standard capacity of 1,000 lb

Gate Selections

Accordion Style​ Elevator Gate 01
Accordian Gates
Your car gate is a critical design element to the overall impact of your elevator design. As a result, we offer you a wide range of accordion gates that go above and beyond the traditional laminate gates that come standard with some models. In fact, we feel the gate is so important that we offer a variety of premium gates at no additional cost to our customers. Like you, it is our ultimate desire to have a display-quality elevator in your home. In the end, nothing speaks more highly of Access Elevator and its commitment to quality than a gorgeous end product and a thoroughly satisfied customer.
Premium Scissor Style​ Elevator Gate 01
Premium Scissor Style​
If you are looking for a higher end gate solution, many architects and designers opt for a less traditional gate design — seeking something with a bit more flair and personality. The luxurious old world scissor gate with its vintage Manhattan feel and/or European appeal add a special touch to your elevator and bring the personality and design of a bygone era into your home. These gates are available in black iron, brass and stainless steel, and come brushed, polished, oil rubbed or in any other finish a metal shop can do or that you can think of. A truly unique addition to any cab design.


Configuration Drawings

Frequently the size and dimension of your car is determines by the space into which it will be built. There is no such thing as a “custom” car size — in every case, we will size and fit the largest possible cab into the desired space as possible, at no additional cost to you. While we have to adhere to National Code, which restricts private residence elevator cabs to a maximum of 15 square feet, there is frequently more than one way to achieve this size.

Click ‘Drawings’ above to view a more detailed PDF of this configuration.