When choosing a wheelchair lift, quality, dependability and code compliance are essential. Having installed thousands of wheelchair lifts in the New York Metro area, Access Elevator is a leader in this field and will ensure that you get the correct product and with the highest quality installation available.

We have broken the lift section into two easy-to-navigate areas, commercial and residential. The product characteristics and code requirements for each of these categories are very different, and you must be careful to avoid the growing number of companies that will sell you a lift online that is not to code and/or will not pass New York City inspection. This will often result in you having to remove and re-install the unit, costing thousands of dollars and valuable time on your project.

Residential Wheelchair Lifts

Residential Wheelchair Lifts
There are many options for your residential wheelchair lift:
  • Vertical lifting heights of up to 14 feet
  • A 750 lb capacity
  • The option of a straight through, 90 degree or on/off same side configuration
  • The availability of platform and upper landing gates and additional door options
  • Install your lift in the home, in a shaftway to travel from floor to floor.
  • Auto flip folding lower landing ramp that travels with unit or fixed lower landing ramp
  • Key activated (restricts unauthorized use)
  • Indoor or outdoor use

Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

Standard Lift

If your lifting height is 14 feet of travel or less, the STANDARD lift is the most versatile and most cost effective code compliant self-contained lift. Code requires that a commercial lift be enclosed on all sides up to 42” above the upper landing. This unit achieves that on its own and features:

  • A fully-code compliant self-contained unit with three gate system
  • The top-selling commercial lift
  • Straight through or 90 degree configuration
  • A 750 lb capacity
  • A telescoping enclosure (as opposed to a permanent fixed enclosure)
  • No additional support for lift tower is necessary
  • A 3” pit eliminates the need for a fixed lower landing ramp
  • The flexibility of indoor or outdoor use
Enclosure-Model Commercial Wheelchair Lifts 03
Enclosure Model Lifts

If you don’t want to have to build your own enclosure, you have the ability to choose a unit that comes with it’s own pre-constructed enclosure. These units feature:

  • The option of plexi glass or steel enclosure panels
  • The option of straight through, 90 degree or on/off same side configuration
  • Units that can accommodate up to three-stops
  • The option of an overhead dome or roof
  • A 750 lb capacity
  • Vertical lifting heights up to 14 feet
  • The flexibility of Indoor or outdoor use
  • Several door and gate options
Prolift Voyager
The Prolift Voyager is a high-end vertical wheelchair lift option. This lift also features:
  • Lifting heights up to 25 feet
  • The option of straight through, 90 degree or on/off same side configurations
  • A 750 lb capacity
  • The availability of three-stop units
  • A smooth and quiet hydraulic ride
  • A choice of a variety of interiors
  • Separate motor room space is required

LU/LA Elevator

Custom LU/LA Elevator
In certain situations a Limited Use Elevator or LU/LA is an alternative to a wheelchair lift or a full passenger elevator. There are several benefits to a LU/LA elevator, and also some limitations. It is important that you speak with one of our specialists to see if this product will meet your needs. We represent only the finest LU/LA elevator, which is manufactured by Custom Elevator. This unit features:
  • Vertical lifting heights up to 25 feet
  • Multiple floor stop possibilities
  • A large 1400 lb capacity
  • Two speed sliding doors
  • The option of a straight through or same side cab configuration
  • The ability to choose from a variety of cab finishes