A Third Generation Family Business

At Access Elevator, we seek to set ourselves apart from our competition in the way we do our business and the manner in which we attend to your unique needs throughout the sales cycle. There is nothing worse that trying to make a decision while someone is giving you the “hard sell”. Not only does it make you uncomfortable, but it also leads to poor decision-making and dissatisfaction. In a service-driven industry such as ours, it is critical to approach the choice of product, installation, and customization with patience and listening. At Access, we operate by a set of simple but important rules:

The Access Elevator Sales Philosophy

This sounds so obvious and simple but it is amazing how many people are selling products that they do not know about or cannot answer basic questions about. Our sales experts are fully trained and possess an average of over ten years of experience. Each can compare and contrast units, as well as articulate product benefits and limitations specific YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS, not what a manufacturer or other party wants you to buy or the “deal of that month”.
In my personal and professional life I’ve encountered hundreds of contractors who will promise you a quote “by tomorrow” or tell you that “he’ll take care of that next week” only to find that this never happens and your must repeatedly badger them do simply what they said there were going to do in the first place. When an Access sales expert tells you they will do something, it will get done. It is this kind of honesty and straightforwardness that keeps our customers referring us to their friends, which we view as by far the best form of advertising for our company.
How many times have you met a salesperson, felt comfortable with them and then signed up with them, only to find out that you will never see that person again? At Access Elevator our sales experts remain on your project and are available to you at any time. They will not abandon you or lose sight of the priority of your project after you sign the contract. Our entire team will be involved every step of the way and be happy to field calls from you, your architect, contractor, designer, electrician, etc. Our professional and fully trained installation crews will walk you through your product upon installation and answer all of your questions at your speed. We may even follow up after the job is complete to make sure you are happy! What a novel idea! We rely on referrals and repeat business for our livelihood. The only way to accomplish that is to make our customers happy. I promise you that we will make every possible effort to insure that you are satisfied with our company.