Porch Lift S

If your lifting height is 14 feet of travel or less, the Porch Lift S unit is the most versatile in design, function and aesthetics. This unit does not come with a pre-constructed enclosure, allowing you or your General Contractor to design the mandatory enclosure to match the décor of your space. The Porch Lift S is perfect for lift configurations that require floor penetration (fire-rated shaft by others) and features:
  • The option of a straight-through, 90 degree or on/off same side configuration
  • Units that can accommodate up to three-stops
  • A 750 lb capacity
  • A 3” pit eliminates the need for a fixed lower landing ramp
  • Vertical lifting heights up to 14 feet
  • The flexibility of Indoor or outdoor use
  • A variety of door and gate options
  • For an additional charge you can choose 180 custom color options

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