Wheelchair Lifts

When choosing a wheelchair lift, quality, dependability and code compliance are essential. Having installed thousands of wheelchair lifts in the New York Metro area, Access Elevator is a leader in this field and will ensure that you get the correct product and with the highest quality installation available.

We have broken the lift section into two easy-to-navigate areas, commercial and residential. The product characteristics and code requirements for each of these categories are very different, and you must be careful to avoid the growing number of companies that will sell you a lift online that is not to code and/or will not pass New York City inspection. This will often result in you having to remove and re-install the unit, costing thousands of dollars and valuable time on your project. Access Elevator prides itself in guiding your product installation from order to sign off, ensuring code compliance and a quality installation. Please call us and let us assist you in choosing the right lift solution for your project and share our experience and expertise in this area with you.

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